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Born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut, Geralyn Dunbar-Giles is a literary fiction novelist. First published at age 9 after winning a state-wide (Connecticut) literary consent, Geralyn was extensively published as a child and young adult in a variety of genres, with her first novel, I Saw You Tomorrow (fantasy adventure) optioned for publication at only age 17. As an adult, she is the author of the stage play The Stabber (experimental theater, horror), produced and performed in Connecticut, and two e-books Presumed Guilty and Nightlife of the Gods from her science fiction series The Time of Hagalaz,  Most recently, the first book Corpses in Armor of her historical trilogy Ruins was published in the U.K. (England) in 2009.

After decades in Manhattan, Geralyn and her husband Ken live in southern Virginia with their collection of cats.